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The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging the informed and active participation in government. It influences public policy through education and advocacy.

New Pages Added to Website

This section of the website, entitled "Member Information," has been added to serve as a ready reference for our members. It brings together reference materials that are helpful in carrying out the mission of the League and provides helpful hints to make it easier to find needed materials. These pages are not intended to be all inclusive and we welcome ideas for other materials that should be added to make the page more useful.

2017 Women's Legislative Round Tables

Virginia League Members and friends are cordially invited to gather at the General Assembly Building in Richmond for one or all of the series of Women's Legislative Round Tables on five consecutive Wednesdays starting January 18. Sessions are slated from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. and will provide attendees a chance to meet some of our leading legislators and hear about their hopes and plans for this session.

The WLRT gatherings--set for Jan. 18 and 25 and February 1, 8 and 15--will be held in various rooms in the GAB. Attendees are urged to check with the receptionist at the entrance. Check for more details on hotel reservations, strategy sessions the previous evening, and debriefing arrangements by going to "Election Modernization Initiative" under Members Information in the menu on our website. It is important to sign up for your preferred training session(s) on our Sign-Up Genius invitation.

The WLRTs mark their 36th year of existence this year. In 1980, female state legislators were looking to form an organization to educate and equip women to be more effective in changing the laws. The League was uniquely positioned to take on the task. Our leaders agreed to become the moderators of this weekly forum during the General Assembly session, designed as an exchange of information. The first session was convened in January of 1981.

Come and join your fellow Leaguers and coalition members in this fascinating peek inside the workings of our lawmakers' efforts. League of Women Voters Day in Richmond is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 1 when we will be recognized from the floor of the House and Senate.

LWV-VA Receives Grant for Election Modernization Initiative

LWV-VA recently received a grant to advocate for Automatic Voter Registration (AVR). We're excited about this grant and how our Local Leagues (LLs) can benefit by advocating for AVR, with promotion of redistricting reform and No-Excuse-Needed Absentee Voting (NEAV) as an added advocacy focus.

WHAT IS AUTOMATIC VOTER REGISTRATION (AVR)? The Problem: Our outdated paper-based voter registration system diminishes full participation of eligible Virginians in our elections. Our online voter registration system is cumbersome and not always available in a timely way. Resources for modernization are limited. Virginians do not have full confidence in the election process. The Solution: We need to make common sense reforms to modernize Virginia's voter registration system to be smart, secure, and efficient so every eligible Virginian can make their voice heard without barriers and obstacles. Modernization is needed in order to serve Virginians properly and fairly, to promote confidence, and to ensure integrity in our election administration. How we get there: It will take all of us lifting up our voices to ask our elected officials to support modernization of our voter registration system. Our influence is needed to decrease the barriers to participation in voting and to promote the integrity of our elections.

For details about this initiative, how you can be involved, go to our website under "Election Modernization" under "Members Information" or Click Here.

2017 Legislative Priorities Announced

Although we will focus on AVR and other election modernization proposals this year, many other issues are of interest to Leaguers. Our Priorities are available on our website. Click Here.

The Virginia General Assembly convenes January 11th to process hundreds and hundreds of legislative proposals during the 45-day session. The League of Women Voters of Virginia is dedicated to analyzing these proposals and then advocating in support or opposition when they are germane to our Positions. Setting priorities for action is necessary because of the vast number of proposals. Go to "Legislative Priorities" on the Members Information section of the menu for the updated list of the legislative focus of Virginia's Leaguers.

10 Ways You Can Help Defend Our Democracy

Sarah Courtney, LWVUS, has published a letter describing 10 ways that each of us can help defend democracy. Click here to see what you can do.

Our Office Has Moved

League of Women Voters of Virginia
1011 East Main Street, Suite 214A
Richmond, VA 23210

Our Telephone Number Has Changed
804-447- 8494

Upcoming: State Consensus on Fracking

LWV-VA is preparing a fracking program for consensus that will culminate at LWV-VA's June Convention. Hydraulic fracturing (a.k.a. fracking or fracing) is a method to release natural gas and oil trapped inside bedrock that could not be economically retrieved with traditional methods. Fracking is a fiercely debated political and environmental issue. Advocates believe it is a safe and economical source of clean energy that provides jobs, assures energy independence, and boosts the economy. Critics claim it pollutes the air and drinking water, affects health, promotes seismic activity, contributes to the greenhouse gases, and will delay the development of renewable energy sources.

League of Women Voters of Virginia - Natural Resources website has been developed to provide members with a source of materials for League studies pertaining to natural resources.

Click Here to access information on fracking.

The League of Women Voters Is Changing

In its 96th year, the League of Women Voters (LWV or League) is committed to change. The clear message emanating from the recent LWVUS 52nd Convention in D.C. is that in order to meet the challenge of staying relevant in 21st century America, we must find ways to successfully engage today's fast-paced, technologically advanced, and more diverse electorate, even if that means changing the way we do things.

As newly elected LWVUS President Chris Carson said in the June 24 "League Update" about the 2016 Convention: "There were key themes of change, focus, engagement and urgency woven into each corner of the weekend." She further states: "We've invited you on a change journey to work with us in telling our collective story and creating our winning plan. That means accelerating the pace of change within the League and having a bias toward action, taking advantage of alternative engagement opportunities, focusing our agenda, and wrestling with the tough questions of whether our current structure and approaches reflect a 21st century organization." Click Here to go directly to the full article.

Keeping Up With the Times: Articles Worth Reading

Your Vote Counts. "Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting." Franklin D. Roosevelt