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Human Trafficking

Here is an information report from LWV Fairfax Area on Human Trafficking.


The League of Women Voters of the United States at their convention in June 2014 adopted the Human Trafficking Position of the League of Women Voters of New Jersey as follows: "The League of Women Voters opposes all forms of domestic and international human trafficking of adults and children including sex trafficking and labor trafficking. We consider human trafficking to be a form of modern day slavery and believe that every measure should be taken and every effort should be made through legislation and changes in public policy to prevent human trafficking. Prosecution and penalization of traffickers and abusers should be established, and existing laws should be strictly enforced. Extensive essential services for victims should be applied where needed. Education and awareness programs on human trafficking should be established in our communities and in our schools." READ FULL STUDY.


The FBI has identified the Washington, D.C., area as one of the 14 major sex trafficking centers in the U.S. The area is considered to be a "hot spot." In this article we will focus primarily on domestic sex trafficking of minors in the Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia and Fairfax County areas.

Teen sex trafficking has often been linked to runaway, homeless and kidnapped teens. Did you know traffickers are now manipulating and trapping "typical" teens into selling sex after school before going home to unsuspecting parents in time for dinner and homework? Teen sex trafficking is the act of manipulating or forcing anyone under the age of 18 to engage in sexual acts in exchange for anything of value (money, drugs, shelter, food, clothes, etc.). READ MORE.